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Gary Bellman, M.D., F.R.C.S.
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What do you think of RISUG?

RISUG stands for reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance. It is a procedure similar to a vasectomy where an incision is made and the vas deferens is identified and instead of cutting it a compound is injected into the tube to block the flow of sperm. This has been developed in India and is still being studied. The concept is that it can function like a male contraceptive providing protection and being much easier to reverse. My concerns are that injecting a solution into the vas deferens may not be 100% effective. Men who come for a vasectomy don't want 98% or 99% effectiveness. They want a guarantee. Moreover, RISUG hasn't proven easier to reverse. I am not sure of the fate of this procedure but I don't perform it and wouldn't recommend it.

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