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The Truth About Super Beta Prostate and Other Supplements: What You Need to Know

By: Dr. Gary Bellman on September 30, 2018

If you've listened to sports talk radio lately, you've more than likely heard about Super Beta Prostate. A lot of people sell it, and many people seem to be singing its praises. Super Beta Prostate also has great reviews on Amazon, claiming to support bladder and urinary health. But much like supplements such as Nugenix, and Extense, there's much that advertisements don't tell you about these products.

As a Los Angeles Board-Certified Urologist for the past three decades, I have seen plenty of supposed quick-fixes, magic cures, and "next big thing" when it comes to prostate health, virility, enhancing sexual function, and boosting libido. I've also seen some incredible developments come onto the market that genuinely provide valuable antiaging results. Some of these have been the introduction of hormone replacement therapies such as testosterone gels, patches or injections. Likewise, wonderful treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) have helped men to reclaim the libido and performance of their youth.

However, a lot of other non-FDA supplements have come onto the market that haven't been shown to provide the results they claim to provide. In fact, they have ultimately been pulled from the shelves by the FDA, because they are notably unsafe.

Consider for example that within the last few years, the FDA has issued recalls for products such as:
  • Anaconda Strong Formula
  • Boss-Rhino Gold X-tra Strength
  • De Guo Hei Bei
  • Long4Love
These are all sold as sexual enhancement supplement. However, these readily available supplements contain the active ingredient in Viagra, which is a prescription medication called sildenafil. Prescription medications are under strict monitoring precisely because of the potential they have to interact with other medications. Selling a supplement with prescription medication in it, without disclosing the fact, could result in serious medical injury or condition.

The same goes for the supplements:
  • Master Zone 1500
  • One More Knight 1750
These supplements contain the active ingredient in Cialis which is also only available by prescription. Incidentally, Master Zone 1500 has the active ingredients of both Viagra and Cialis which could lead to very serious side effects for men unknowingly taking it while taking other medication.

Why am I comparing sexual enhancement supplements to Super Beta Prostate?

This is because like all of the supplements listed above, Super Beta Prostate has not been evaluated by the FDA. The claims made by athletes or by celebrities have not been verified by science. Super Beta Prostate claims to help men with:
  • Fewer trips to the bathroom
  • Less waking up during the night
  • Supporting healthy prostate function
Not only have these claims not been evaluated by the FDA; the ingredients haven't been examined. In the recalled sexual enhancement drugs listed above, it wasn't until the FDA executed a sort of "sting-operation" that the dangerous prescription drugs were revealed.

If you're looking for relief from an enlarged prostate you're not alone. But I encourage you to stick with the advice of an experienced Urologist, rather than an advertiser on the radio or TV.

What Natural Remedies are Available for Enlarged Prostate?

So, what can you do to reduce urinary frequency, and sleep better through the night? There are a number of prescription medications, some great vitamins, some safe supplements, and some medical procedures that do help.

I wrote extensively about some supplements that are frequently used to treat overactive bladders here. Some of these herbal remedies include: gosha-jinki-gan, saw palmetto, bromelain, buchu, cleavers, cornsilk, horsetail, and pumpkin seed. Be sure to talk with your physician before taking any of these herbal remedies.

In addition, Vitamin D has shown promise in helping with urinary frequency, and many men don't get enough Vitamin D anyway, so adding Vitamin D may help.

What are the Best Medicines for Enlarged Prostate?

Medicine has come a long way in giving men relief from the symptoms of enlarged prostate. I have helped countless men get relief from constant urination with medications including Flomax, Uroxatrol, Hytrin, and even Cialis.

What Are the Medical Procedures for Enlarged Prostate?

There are multiple procedures with minimal side effects which can also provide tremendous relief from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. These include the minimally invasive Urolift Procedure, and the Green Light Laser Procedure. Consult with a reputable Urologist to see if one of these minimally invasive procedures may be appropriate for you.

Can Enlarged Prostate Be Cured?

Unfortunately enlarged prostate cannot be cured. However, the symptoms can be reduced through medication, or procedures which can provide immense relief, while improving your quality of life.

The bottom line is if you're looking for relief from enlarged prostate, or if you're looking for sexual enhancement solutions, consultant an expert. Don't take it from the guys on the radio.

Speak with an expert Urologist to get real solutions, that are safe.

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