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Vasectomy: No-Needle, No Scalpel Method for Less Pain & Discomfort

By: Dr. Gary Bellman on September 15, 2019

After performing thousands of vasectomy procedures, Dr. Gary C Bellman provides a combination of the No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure,  offering the highest level of care to a majority of his patients.  This vasectomy surgery is carried out as an in-office procedure and has the least pain and side effects, fewer complications and faster recovery time than other techniques available.

What is a No-Needle, No Scalpel Vasectomy?
Local anesthesia before a vasectomy can sometimes cause the most anxiety for men.  During a no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy, the local anesthetic is delivered via a ‘hypospray’ which numbs the operating area instantly without a painful needle injection.  Hypospray is a common anesthesia used for many dental procedures.  As a result of much less discomfort, faster recovery and fewer complications, the no-needle, no scalpel method is very popular among patients at Southern California Urology Institute.
Advantages of No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy
This vasectomy technique has the least amount of associated complications such as bruising and scarring.  It also reduces discomfort, both during and after the vasectomy procedure, with recovery time up to 50% percent faster than a traditional vasectomy. The typical operating time of a no-scalpel vasectomy is very short at just about 10-15 minutes.

How effective is the procedure?
A vasectomy of any type is considered as one of the most effective means of protection from pregnancy.  Although no procedure is totally safe or effective, the failure rate for a vasectomy is less than 1% (By comparison, the failure rate for condoms is 12% or more).  Couples who want a highly reliable and permanent form of contraception often opt for a vasectomy where the success rate is over 99%.

Does it work immediately?
No, any vasectomy does not make you sterile right away, and you'll want to continue using some other means to guard against pregnancy until your doctor tells you otherwise.  Immediately after a vasectomy, active sperm remain in the semen for a period of time.  It may take up to several weeks before your semen is free of sperm.  Your doctor will test the semen, a couple times over a several weeks, and let you know when you can safely consider the vasectomy to be complete.

Will my sex life be affected by having a vasectomy? 
A vasectomy has NO impact on sexual function.

A vasectomy only blocks sperm and does not affect your sexual drive, your ability to have an erection, orgasm or ejaculation, or your ability to have and enjoy sex.  Sperm is only a small fraction of the total liquid in your semen.  The amount of fluid, intensity, even color and texture does not appear to change when sperm is absent.  Male hormones continue in the bloodstream, and secondary characteristics (such as beard or voice) do not change.  Some couples say their relationship is improved by not having to worry about contraceptive techniques or unplanned pregnancy.

Are there risks or complications?
Yes, as with any surgical procedure, there could be complications and you should ask your doctor to go over these carefully with you.  However, any type of vasectomy ranks among the safest procedures and the majority of complications, if any, are usually minor and easily treated.  These include a chance of infection, bleeding or transient bruising, temporary swelling or fluid accumulation.  Following the procedure, some men experience pain, often as a dull ache, caused by a pressure on the miniature tubes of the epididymis.  

Can a vasectomy be reversed?
You should consider any vasectomy to be permanent. There are delicate microsurgery operations that may be able to reverse the effects of a vasectomy, but there is no assurance that the flow of sperm can be restored or pregnancy will result in every case. The likelihood of success can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances, including how much time has passed since the vasectomy. If you are seriously considering a vasectomy, it's best to assume that it will be a permanent change.

Cost of a Vasectomy
The traditional or typical vasectomy procedure requires the patient to be off of work and normal activities for up to a week or longer.
The No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy Method that Dr. Bellman performs, allows patients to return to work the next day, and resume normal activities within a couple days.
While this method may not be the cheapest, when calculating the costs of a vasectomy procedure from various providers, it is financially prudent to take into consideration the quick return to work and normal activities as an overall cost savings.
Who are the best candidates for vasectomy?
Because this is a personal decision, there are no absolute rules, and the best answer lies in being informed.  However, there are some suggestions to consider as to who is a good candidate. Before making a decision, discuss these and all related issues with your spouse, and seek the advice of your physician.

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